3 Hacks to Land a Job in Any Economy for SG School Leavers

Job openings are available in Singapore, you just need to know how to find, and score them with these 3 hacks.

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Congratulations! You’re quite done with your studies, and are ready to jump into the working world.

It’s finally time to start making money to pay off your student loans, and buy all ’em toys your parents never got you.


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5 Soft Skills You Need to Be Irreplaceable at Work

Est. Read time: 3 – 5 mins

5 Soft Skills Needed to be Irreplaceable at Work


In competitive employment landscapes such as Singapore’s, there are two ways to guarantee your employability – be cheaper than the competition, or be more valuable with soft skills.

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5x Your Career Progression in 5 Steps

Image: 5x your career progression in 5 steps


Do you feel stuck in your career? Is the price of water rising faster than your salary?
More importantly, do you want to do something about it?
We’ve spoken with career professionals from around Singapore and asked for their best advice on getting out of a rut and into the fast lane of promotions and salary raises – and we’re delight to share these proven strategies for getting ahead in a competitive Singapore workforce.

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Beating the Post-Holiday Slump!

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After the lor hei has been tossed, the ang bao money counted and the marathon mahjong sessions done, what’s next is the inevitable – going back to work. Getting a dose of the post-holiday blues is natural, but that doesn’t mean it should get you down.

We’ve got some simple (but truly awesome) tips to get you energised and back into the swing of things, faster than your favourite aunty can say, “When you getting married ah?

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5 Preparation Tips for a Mid-Career Switch

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If you’re unsatisfied in your career or stuck in the wrong job, start making a career change by using these five career transition steps.


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