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BGC Search is an international executive search firm that bridges high calibre executives to top-notch companies.


Let us do the corporate matching for you. Traject your expertise to the company that can help you develop your full potential.


Access a multitude of executive positions available. Through a highly optimized executive placement process, we channel top executives to top corporate management teams.

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Constant Visibility

We make it a point that your CV is constantly visible to the best companies. This can dramatically increase your chances of being noticed, and consequently getting hired.

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Access to a Wide Range of Jobs and Markets

We help you land a perfect job by our access to a wide range of companies and markets. You can have suitable jobs emailed directly to you (saving your time from having to look for them).

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Let Opportunities Pursue You!

Once your CV has been uploaded, multitudes of potential recruiters will be able to view it instantly. You don’t have to pursue them anymore; they’ll pursue you.

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Finding The Right Talent

BGC Search has helped thousands of companies find the most suitable candidates for pivotal job roles.


Recruitment: Executive Search

BGC Search is a premiere executive search firm that trajects top executives to top corporate management teams. Our seasoned consultants present you with career executives to match pivotal roles and who would ideally fit into the hiring company’s culture. Drive your business to success.

Non-Recruitment : Payroll Outsourcing

Let us handle the basics. We will manage payroll processing and salary distribution for your employees.

work pass
Non-Recruitment : Work Pass Application

Work pass application assistance is provided by our company. Coordination with us will make your transactions more comfortable and accommodating.


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Banking & Financial Services

Elaine leads our Banking & Financial Services team of 4, covering junior, mid and senior placements for permanent and contract headcounts. The team has experience managing bulk recruitment on retainer or contingency basis. Our services also include work pass applications. Our specialty comprises of Consumer, Business, Investment & Private Banking and Asset Management.

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+65 6602 9779

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Finance & Accounting

Hong Siew is in charge of our Finance & Accounting team, specialized in mid/senior finance & accounting appointments in all industries. Her operation is backed up by five strong professional recruiters with more than 40 years of executive search experience collectively.

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+65 6602 9772

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Information Technology

Jeline oversees the Information Technology team, specialized in Information Technology appointments in all industries for Hardware, Software, Network, Systems and Database Admin. Their specialties are, but not limited to Telecommunication, Cloud, Cyber Security and Infrastructure.

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+65 6557 0707

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Ye Yon and her team are responsible for our Insurance practice, covering life insurance and non-life insurance as well as reinsurance and brokerage. Their specialties are, but not limited to, underwriting, claims, actuarial, client servicing, and technical accounting.

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+65 6602 9776

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Language Specialty

BGCでは各分野精通したコンサルタントが 求職者転職活動 をフルサポートします。 また、 人材紹介 のほかにも 給与計算就労 ビザ 申請 など 各種人事業務代行 サービスも 提供 しており、 シンガポールでビジネスを 展開 されているお 客様幅広 くサポートさせて 頂いております。

+65 6602 0707


Whether you require advice on finding the right top executive for your industry, or looking to make the next stride in your profession, we’re readily available to assist you.
Knowledge of the market

We have our claw on the pulse of our specialist markets and a network of available talents. We assess our candidates' qualifications throughly so as to match your requirements. For our candidates, we provide regular career insight and feedback to help them stay relevant.

Extended reach

Passive or very discerning candidates who don’t respond to job advertisements are difficult to find. Our consultants and collaborators can leverage on existing networks to help connect you to choice individuals with expertise and experiences, many of whom would be off the radar of company human resources.

Candidates not Applicants

Applicants are usually not good matches for the role, hence, a lot of time is wasted in the process of filtering them. At BGC, we search for suitable candidates to fulfill your utmost hiring expectations and make sure that you only view qualified candidates worthy of a second interview.

Build Relationships

We have a range of experienced consultants. It is better to deal with a specialist like us rather than a generalist. We also make sure you are top of mind on our database because we care!