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As one of Hong Kong’s leading recruiters, BGC Hong Kong offers a myriad job opening for executives and professionals. Find an exciting career in IT& Telecommunication, Banking and Finance Services, FMCG & Luxury Retail and Customer Service & Contact Centre. Drop your resume and get matched to a suitable career!

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Expats, local executives or fresh graduates alike need assistance from trusted executive search firms to access career opportunities. The information age may disrupt you from realizing your career goals with more and more digital savvy candidates crowding out the shortlist. Get at the top of the chain with BGC Hong Kong!

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BGC Hong Kong enjoys strategic alliances with top corporations that are consistently expanding. This means not only job opportunities for you, but placement in rapidly growing industries where a long-term career and leadership role is within reach.

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With your CV in BGC Hong Kong’s database, you no longer need to spend hours and days in fruitless pursuit of your dream job. Our seasoned executive recruitment experts make sure that your qualifications stay relevant so that opportunities chase you!

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SERVICES: Executive Search

As a free economy with low levels of taxation, Hong Kong attracts professionals, expatriates and graduates who are highly qualified in diverse fields. Hong Kong’s professionals are savvy job searchers; with most candidates employing digital tactics to network and channel themselves to the company they are eyeing to join. The question is, how do you distinguish between a great resume and a great talent?

BGC Hong Kong’s panel of professional Executive Search consultants have over 6 years of collective experience in Executive placement. With the job market ripe with ambitious career professionals ready for the harvest, we sift the chaff from the grain – and spot real talents that stand equal to the important task at hand in your company. Engage BGC Hong Kong and spearhead your company to the next growth frontier!


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IT & Telecommunication

Hong Kong is a global trailblazer in the ICT and e-commerce fields. Qualified, world-class ICT professionals and managers are propelling the industry forward at a rapid pace. BGC Hong Kong is the trusted recruitment platform of thousands of ICT professionals. This means a deep talent pool for your company to find qualified career executives for your top calibre job roles.

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Banking and Finance Services

Hong Kong remains to be among the world’s strongest financial hubs. Career professionals in Banking and Finance services are highly in demand, especially as Hong Kong’s existing ties with China brings more businesses to this strategic city. When you need the best and the brightest minds to fuel your business to unparalleled growth, BGC Hong Kong’s executive placement consultants connects you to the most seasoned, highly sought-after executives in the industry. Make the best happen when you hire the best!

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FMCG & Luxury Retail

Hong Kong continues to be one of Asia’s key markets in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods & Luxury Retail industry. BGC Hong Kong strengthens your position in this industry by securing passionate and dynamic executives who will take your brand one step ahead of the competition.

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Customer Service & Contact Centre

Hong Kong’s Customer Service & Contact Centre sector is a 20-year industry, with most companies delivering contact centre solutions to banking, insurance, and financial services companies, direct marketing and market research, fast-moving consumer goods and Government and public utilities among others. When the bloodline of your business depends on the quality of your people, trust BGC Hong Kong to deliver passionate, customer-oriented, and seasoned industry experts with unwavering commitment across different roles.


BGC Hong Kong bridges corporations to the best and most brilliant minds in the marketplace who are looking for a dynamic and exciting career. With BGC Hong Kong, you can channel the best jobs to the best talents who deserve the best rewards!
Unequalled Passion and Expertise

BGC Hong Kong’s panel of professional consultants have over 6 years of collective experience in executive search. Experience equals expertise. Leading the way in executive and management placement, we have a vast network of executives who trust us with their next career direction. Stay ahead of the competition when you hire the best!

Consistency and Trust

Consistency is the key in gaining the trust of our corporate partners. BGC Hong Kong’s proprietary candidate matching techniques enable us to consistently match top-notch candidates to top-calibre job roles. For you, this means achieving greater results and supporting the momentum of your expansion with key leaders that drive your business success to new heights.

Strong Regional Presence

BGC Hong Kong is part of BGC Group, a leader in recruitment and HR solutions in the Asia Pacific region. This multiplies the extent of your reach to qualified candidates through BGC Malaysia, BGC Jakarta and our headquarters, BGC Group Singapore. Your company deserves the best, and we have a deep talent pool not just in Hong Kong but throughout Asia.