How to Beat the Monday Blues?

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When Monday morning swings around, most of us feel Monday blues. Here we tell you how to beat those blues and make Mondays something you actually look forward to.


Indulge Yourself!

A study suggests that watching TV, shopping online, eating some chocolate, buying makeup and planning a holiday are some of the best ways to improve your mood. So, why not indulge a little during your lunch hour. You can buy yourself a little treat. You could even visit travel portals and browse through their holiday packages.


Organize Your Life!

It’s no secret that over the weekend we all tend to overeat, overspend and overindulge, which is one reason why Monday morning makes us feel so bad. Beat the blues by sorting your life out. Begin by making a tick list of tasks you need to do and things you’d like to achieve. This will energize you.


Catch Up Over A Cup Of Tea!

After a two day interval, having a chat can help us overcome our Monday blues. Some bosses may not be happy about this tactic, but you need to reconnect with the team you work in after the time off. Once you have socialized at work over a cup of tea for instance, you are all set to begin work and would be more productive over the course of the day. !


Stay Sober!

If you’ve been living a bit of a wild lifestyle over the weekend, you might find that alcohol is contributing to your terrible mood. Alcohol is a depressant and interferes with your normal brain functions. If you think you’ve been drinking too much over the weekend, try cutting back or stopping altogether. It will certainly help in improving your mood.


Go Creative!

We all have some creativity side. Get in touch with your creative side if you want to beat the Monday blues. Studies have found, creating artwork that expresses your negative moods is a great way to increase your feeling of happiness.


Go ahead and follow these steps. Your Monday morning blues will no longer haunt you!

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