Save Up for Your Dream Holiday!

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You have chosen your destination for your next holiday, found the perfect hotel and you have already started digging out your winter clothes. Now comes the money question. How to earn and save every cent for your dream holiday!

Here are 5 easy ways to earn and save money to pay for your long awaited holiday.

There are part-time jobs that require minimal hours, yet earn enough money during your tertiary school holidays to pay for a nice enjoyable vacation with your friends. It’s worth considering a side job of a few hours a week to fund your dream holiday.


How about open a separate savings account for this purpose? Yes, it helps. Don’t touch it again till your holiday. Not even for that dress you’ve been eyeing on.


Put your weekly takeaway on hold and start preparing your own meals. Who needs a pizza night anyway? Eating home cooked is always way healthier. Beach bodies aren’t created by eating pizza!


Stop buying lunch at work. Wake up bit earlier and bring packed lunches. You also don’t need that Caramel Latte in the evening from your favorite coffee shop.


You love going to movies? We all do. Instead of going to the movies why don’t you curl up on your sofa at home and watch a DVD or watch one online instead?


These are some of the easily doable suggestions that can help you save up for your dream holiday. At BGC, we can help you out in getting you a part time job to fund your holiday! Find out more with us now!


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