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When you need to find the manpower for your project or immediately. When you need people with niche skill sets. When you need additional cover for a busy period.

Meeting the “when” you need for manpower matters the most to us. Business can now hire and meet your exact capacity at any given time or period, in pursuit for flexibility and scalability. We call it the co-employment.


  • Cost-Effective – You can enjoy reduction in overall spend and administrative cost.
  • Minimize Compliance Risk in Employment – You can leverage on Contract staffing to enable HR experts to manage the staffing to reduce your risk of compliance to acts and regulations in employment.
  • Niche Skills – Efficient solution to cover skills gap as companies can gain access to hire contract professionals skills they need and the flexibility to scale up or down.
  • Access to database – Fast hiring with our large database of contractors who are ready and available for work.


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