Quick Verify BGC Employee Identity


Due to the recent rising cases of scam cases, kindly perform a Quick Verification of the BGC Employee Identity via here: https://wecare.bgc-group.com/verifyme

We know Chat App like Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Telegram is convenient and easy to talk and discuss matters, however it is pretty easy to impersonate anyone on those open platforms.

For first time contact or when you’re in doubt, you can easily verify True Current BGC Employee by asking for the consultant company email address and “Quick Verify” him/her.

How does it work?

    • Let’s say you’re talking with a BGC employee on LinkedIn and this person is asking for your personal details.
    • You can Quick Verify them by asking for their BGC company email address, all current BGC employee are provided with one, if they can’t provide, they are scammers.
    • You then can enter their email and click “Quick Verify”, system will generate a random one-time code.
    • This one-time code will then be shared to you here and to our BGC employee through their company email address.
    • Since only current employee can access to their mailbox, only current BGC employee can answer you with the same code.
    • If the code matches, you can then share your personal details with the consultant. At BGC Group, we strictly adhere to Singapore’s PDPA standards outlined in our privacy policy.

Note: We will NEVER ask our Candidate for money or fees in any kind.