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Tristan Chew

Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Operating Officer

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Jojo Ng

Director, Recruitment for C-Suite & Senior Executive

Danny Siah

Sr Division Manager, Recruitment for All Industries

Gary Chun

Team Lead, Recruitment for Technology Industry

Elaine Ong

HR & Payroll Manager

Hiep Le

Sr Technology Manager

Sherlynn Lim

Operations Manager,
Project Management

Yvonne Koon

Operations Lead,
Project Management

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Lollipop C
Lollipop C
16 February 2024
Although it is my first time working with BGC group, it is no doubt that BGC group is the best recruitment agency I had ever worked with in my 20 years of career life. The service rendered by Jo Ng is really exceptional. She put in extra efforts to listen to my concerns and prep me well before every round of interviews. She also updated me timely on the feedback from hiring manager as well as progress of the recruitment. Every conversation with her made me felt like talking to a good old friend who knows me well. I can't land on a dream job without the great help from Jo, her patience and professionalism made my experience seamless and pleasant. I highly recommend you to engage the service from Jo and BGC Group, leave yourself with this top-notch recruiter and you will definitely be impressed, just like me:)
Mr T
Mr T
28 January 2024
I deeply thank Venice for her patient & helpful attitude in assisting in my job search. She was very professional in sieving those jobs which fit me, txted them for my peruse & arranged interviews for me which I don't enjoy such treatments from other agents who just sidelined me when they found I am a senior job seeker. She didn't make a 67 yrs old lose hope in getting a job which is a very important criterion expected of a job recruiter. BGC is very lucky to have her!!! - Daniel Lim
Kun Chen
Kun Chen
26 January 2024
I was very fortunate to have Venice as my agent. Everyone knows how difficult it is to land a job in the government sector. Even a temp job. But Venice was the very first agent that managed to achieve that for me. Her lucky charm and swift efforts to ensure I land a job before CNY is such an incredible feat. These days, many agents will ghost you like how you get ghosted on dating apps hahaha. Only a rare few can help you and even ensure the entire process is smooth till the end. I am confident that I can pull through my entire contract with Venice as my agent. BGC is easily my go-to recruitment company because of Venice. Thank you so much for your help, Venice! Cheers! -Casey
26 January 2024
I would like to commend Venice for her exceptional service, her replies were quick and she assisted me in getting recruited very efficiently within 2 weeks.
Valerie Neo
Valerie Neo
26 January 2024
Venice is very responsive to my request,and I get a new job from her recommendations within a month. Responsible , knowledgeable , committed, good rapport with the clients , and trying her best to help us find suitable job. I really appreciate your help on securing a new job for me 🙂
27 December 2023

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