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Contracts & Agreements

Compensation & Benefits

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Contracts & Agreements

By law, employers in Vietnam are required to give a written agreement to their employees. This agreement must state the role, salary, benefits and responsibilities clearly along with the rules of termination of contract, if any.

Definite-term Contracts

A definite term contract provides a set duration for the association of the employee with the project or company. This contract can be renewed if both parties mutually agree to the terms.

Indefinite-term Contracts

This contract is issued when both, the employee and employer, define terms for the association of the employee with the project or company. However, the duration of the association and the date for the termination of the contract are not defined.
With An EOR solution, your employees sign a legal contract with the Employer Of Record while they share a normal working relationship with you.

Compensation & Benefits

Minimum Pay

There are two types of minimum wages in Vietnam. The minimum wage for a state-owned organization differs from that of the non-state-owned organizations. It also varies across four regions, often ranging from VND 3.25 million to VND 4.68 million per month.

Payout Cycle

The payroll cycle in Vietnam is monthly. Employees are usually paid on the last working day of the month.

Working Hours

The total number of hours per week is capped at 48, wherein the employee is expected to work for 8 hours a day.

Guaranteed Benefits

Ask us for a Salary Benchmark for your EOR worker.

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Taxes & Costs

Tax for Employees

This ranges from 5% to 35%, depending on your income bracket:
Taxable income band (VND) National income tax rate
Up to 5 million VND
Over 5 to 10 million VND
Over 10 to 18 million VND
Over 18 to 32 million VND
Over 32 to 52 million VND
Over 52 to 80 million VND
Over 80 million VND

Employer Cost

The employer is required to contribute 17.5% of the local employee's salary to social insurance, 3% to health insurance, and 1% to unemployment funds, which amounts to 21.5% overall. By law, employers are also required to contribute 2% as Trade Union fees.
The maximum monthly salary that is subject to Social Insurance, Health Insurance, and Trade Union Fee is capped at 29,800,000 VND (which represents 20 times the Minimum Basic Wage). Meanwhile, the maximum monthly salary that is subject to Unemployment Insurance is capped at 20 times the Minimum Monthly Wage of the Zone the Employer is in.
Ask us for a Gross to Net simulation or a Total Employment Cost calculation for your EOR worker.


Every employee working in Vietnam is provided different types of leaves throughout the year. These include:

Annual Leave

The Labor Code requires employers to give 12 days of paid annual leave to the employees. After five years of service, an additional day of paid annual leave is stipulated.

Sick Leave

Sick leave is covered by the social insurance fund and calculated according to years of contributions.
 At a minimum, if there is less than 15 years of contributions made to the Social Insurance Fund, then 30 days of sick leave per year is provided.

Maternity Leave

Maternity leave is covered by the social insurance fund where an employee has contributed for 6 months. Female employees are entitled to a total of 6 months maternity leave (a maximum of 2 months can be taken prenatal whilst the remainder postnatal).
In addition to these leaves, employees are provided 11 days of public holidays. For a full list of leaves and public holidays that your new hire in Vietnam is entitled to, talk to one of our experts.

Termination & Severance


By law, the employer and employee are both bound to give a notice. When a termination is initiated by an employer, a notice period of 30 days is required for definite period contracts whilst 45 days is required for indefinite period contracts.

Severance Pay

If the terminated employee has been working for greater than 12 months with the employer, they will receive half a month’s wages for every year of service in the organization. For example, if the employee has been working with the company for a year, they are entitled to receive 15 days of salary.

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