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Starting at US $300/employee/month

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Contracts & Agreements

Compensation & Benefits

Taxes & Costs

Termination & Severance

Contracts & Agreements

A prospective employee must be provided certain information (ie, wages and wage period, any end-of-year payment and length of notice) prior to commencing employment.

Oral / Written Contract

Although employment contracts in Hong Kong can be oral or written, it is best practice for both employers and employees to utilize written contracts for all work arrangements.

Fixed-term Contracts

A fixed term contract must provide for a specific stated term, which is either fixed or ascertainable at the time of entering into it. A fixed term contract automatically terminates at the end of the specified period, but it can be extended or renewed by agreement, and provisions allowing for early termination may also be included.
With An EOR solution, your employees sign a legal contract with the Employer Of Record while they share a normal working relationship with you.

Compensation & Benefits

Minimum Pay

Effective since the last increase in May 2019, the Hong Kongese minimum wage has been fixed at HK$ 37.5 per hour.

Payout Cycle

The payroll cycle in Hong Kong is monthly. Employees are usually paid on the last working day of the month.

Working Hours

The number of working hours per week in Hong Kong is 40 hours and 8 hours per day. A typical work week consists of 5 days starting from Monday to Friday.

Guaranteed Benefits

Ask us for a Salary Benchmark for your EOR worker.

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Taxes & Costs

Tax for Employees

Tax is levied on net chargeable income (assessable income less personal deductions and allowances) at progressive rates ranging from 2% to 17%, or at a flat rate (maximum rate) of 15% on assessable income less personal deductions, whichever calculation produces the lower tax liability.
Taxable income band (HKD) National income tax rate
1 - 50,000
50,001 - 100,000
100,001 - 150,000
150,001 - 200,000

Employer Cost

The Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF), is a compulsory saving scheme for the retirement of residents in Hong Kong. Employers are required to contribute 5% of an employee’s monthly salary to MPF.
Looking for a Gross to Net simulation or a Total Employment Cost calculation for your EOR worker?


Every employee working in Hong Kong is provided different types of leaves throughout the year. These include:

Annual Leave

An employee who has worked for at least 12 months on a continuous contract is entitled to an annual leave of 7 continuous days. The number of days increases (maximum 14 days) as the number of years worked increases.

Sick Leave

Employees can avail of 120 days of sick leaves, out of which the first 4 days remain unpaid and are counted as a qualifying period. They also need to have a medical certificate and have the required number of paid sick day’s owing.

Maternity & Paternity Leave

Employees are granted 14 weeks of maternity leave and 5 days of paternity leave. In both cases, employees will receive 80% of their average salary for the last 12 months, paid by the employer.
In addition to these leaves, employees are provided 13 days of public holidays. For a full list of leaves and public holidays that your new hire in Hong Kong is entitled to, talk to one of our experts, talk to one of our experts.

Termination & Severance


Both employers and employees in Hong Kong are expected to provide one month’s notice for impending termination or resignation. The employer must also inform the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) at least one month before an employee is dismissed.

Severance Pay

Severance payments are dispersed to terminated employees if they have been with the company for between two and five years; and their contract was terminated due to redundancy, layoff, or a fixed-term contract not being renewed in the case of redundancy. These payments are two-thirds of the employee’s average monthly salary, for every year they have worked for the company. Severance packages have a maximum payment limit of HK $390,000.

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