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Contracts & Agreements

In Taiwan, employment contracts are governed by Labor Standard Laws.These contracts may be oral or written in the official language. It is common and recommended to have all contract terms documented in written form. There are two kinds of employment contracts in Taiwan:

Definite-term Contracts

A definite-term contract is for temporary, short-term, seasonal or specific work. In the contract, a date of finishing work is specified and agreed by employer and employee. Depending on the nature of work, the maximum period of employment should not exceed 1 year.

Indefinite-term Contracts

Indefinite-term contracts are issued for permanent jobs, and where the period of work is forecast to continue beyond 1 year. They are the most common contract type in Taiwan.
With An EOR solution, your employees sign a legal contract with the Employer Of Record while they share a normal working relationship with you.

Compensation & Benefits

Minimum Pay

The minimum wage in Taiwan is governed by Labor Standard Laws. It is set to 26,400 TWD per month.

Payout Cycle

The payroll cycle may be bi-weekly or monthly, varying from industry to industry. Monthly payroll is commonly applied in Taiwan.

Working Hours

The total number of working hours in a week is set to 40 hours. Employees are required to work 8 hours a day for 5 days a week. In case of overtime, the laws empower the employee to receive additional payment. For the first two hours, the employee is entitled to receive payment at the rate of 134% of their salary. For the next two hours, the rate is increased to 167% of their salary.

Guaranteed Benefits

Ask us for a Salary Benchmark for your EOR worker.

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Taxes & Costs

Tax for Employees

For employees in Taiwan, Labor Standard Laws has set tax brackets basis income brackets:
Taxable income band (NTD) National income tax rate
Up to NTD 560,000
NTD 560,001 - NTD 1,260,000
NTD 1,260,001 - NTD 2,520,000
NTD 2,520,001 - NTD 4,720,000
Above NTD 4,720,001

Employer Cost

Employers are required to pay 21.63% in taxes for employing a worker. This includes pension, health insurance, employment insurance, labour insurance, accident insurance, overdue wages, and a disable levy.
Ask us for a Gross to Net simulation or a Total Employment Cost calculation for your EOR worker.


Every employee working in Taiwan is entitled to different types of leaves throughout the year:

Annual Leave

The paid annual leave for employees in Taiwan is dependent on their tenure:
Employment Period Paid leave
0.5 - 1 year of employment
Paid leave of 3 days
1 - 2 years of employment
Paid leave of 7 days
2 - 3 years of employment
Paid leave of 10 days
3 - 5 years of employment
Paid leave of 14 days
5 - 10 years of employment
Paid leave of 15 days
10+ year of employment
1 additional day is given every year, the maximum annual leave is 30 days.

Sick Leave

There are two types of sick leaves in Taiwan:

Parental Leaves

Parental leave can be claimed for a period of up to 2 years by either parent. The leave must be used before the child's third birthday and is only possible if the employee has worked for longer than six months. The Bureau of Labor Insurance provides an allowance for eligible workers.
Along with these, employees in Taiwan are also entitled to maternity and paternity leaves, bereavement leaves, civic duty leaves as well as marriage leaves. For a full list of leaves and public holidays that your new hire in Taiwan is entitled to, talk to one of our experts .

Termination & Severance


By law, employers terminating an employment contract must give a valid reason for ending the working relationship. In Taiwan, it is most common to come to a mutual separation agreement although termination due to performance or redundancy is also possible. When a termination occurs, the notice period in an employment contact is followed. At a minimum the notice period in Taiwan is:

Severance Pay

The terminated employee is entitled to severance pay by law. Employees who joined before 2005 are issued 1 month's salary for each year of service as severance pay, whereas those who joined after 2005 are entitled to half a month's salary for every year of employment. Any non taken holidays, expenses, or benefits must also be paid upon termination.

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