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Top Career Tips for Singaporean Employees in Their 20s, 30s and Beyond!


No matter your age, it’s important to understand that learning doesn’t stop. On top of that, human beings are like sponges. We absorb new ideas, opinions, and interests. This can lead to different career goals and interests as we progress in age. That’s why we see people jumping into job roles, completely different to their qualifications and prior job positions. 

As a job employment agency in Singapore, we want candidates to understand that whatever your evolving career goals are. It is best to focus on what you can and want to achieve first! Inspired by a Channel News Asia article released in 2019. We’ve listed some career milestones, questions, and goals to have at every age. From your first few years as a fresh graduate in your 20s, to your final few years before retirement. Ready to get started? 

1. Starting Out in Your 20s 


Congratulations! You’ve finally graduated out of Singapore’s stringent school system. Now what? Well, now that you’re finally beginning to embark on a lifelong journey to, it’s important to understand that these are your foundational years. In your twenties, you should be trying out everything and anything, picking up new skills that interests you. Try not to limit yourself to expanding your skill sets within one industry. Some advice for job seekers starting out in their twenties include: 

A. Accumulate as much experience as possible

Whether it’s through internships, courses, or job experiences. The experiences that you accumulate in your twenties are extremely valuable. If you’re looking to switch careers or even industries during this decade, it is imperative to pick an experience that will give you good mentorship instead of just money. 

B. Network as widely and diversely as you can

Networking can sound daunting to some, especially if you’re an introvert. However, networking almost always leads you to better job opportunities and offers in the future. But try to avoid networking only with people in the industries you’re looking to break into. It’s important to get your fingers into all the booming industries. 

Not only will a diverse network lead to better career opportunities. It can also help employees acquire diverse knowledge and more friends in your personal life. You’ll never know who you might just meet. 

C. Know that your passion will run out

When you’re young, you believe that passion fuels hard work. But what happens when your passion runs out? How are you going to fuel yourself to reach new heights with your career goals? In an era where job burnout is prevalent amongst Singaporean employees, young job seekers will need to find factors to help fuel this passion. 

Write down the features of your dream job in a notebook. What matters to you? Is it company culture or the ability to redeem free training and upskilling courses from work? Listing these down will help you narrow down your ideal career and dream companies. 

2. Start the Focusing and Refining Process in Your 30s 


Most employees get overwhelmed when they realise that they will spend a good portion of their career life fumbling around and figuring things out. Especially when you’re in your twenties. The good news is that not all of us are aware of what career to pursue or skills to pick up in our twenties. The good news is that this isn’t as negative as it sounds! Or at least it shouldn’t be. As long as you have the curiosity and inquisitiveness of a child, you get to spend your 30s exploring other viable career options. 

A. Research booming and trending industries! 

Many employees in their 30s often try to switch careers. If you’re itching for a career change, it would be best to research the industries that are currently in-trend (e.g. Tech and IT). Usually booming and trending industries are more likely to be recruiting widely and actively. Additionally, it would be best to migrate to familiar industries. Ones where you have overlapping skills in! 

B. Continue the upskilling process 

Let’s be real, the times are changing. Now’s the time to continue fighting for your job and position, especially during the turbulent post-pandemic economy. One of the best weapons in your arsenal are the skills you pick up, both soft and hard skills. Some of the best soft skills that will help you be irreplaceable at work include leadership, teamwork, and time management skills. 

3. Pick Up the Learning Process Once Again in Your 40s


Like we’ve said, the learning doesn’t stop! As a seasoned and mature worker, your employers might be looking to you right now to mentor and lead a new generation of employees. Which is why it’s imperative to continue learning and picking up new information about your industry. Now’s also the time to start spreading your ideas out onto social media platforms such as LinkedIn. 

Keep in mind that in order to be a great leader and mentor, you must also be an expert with advice and knowledge on hand. This allows you to share your experiences to an audience that will accommodate and absorb your advice.