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10 Programming Languages Budding Developers Should Know About

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As the years go by, it is no surprise to see programming go more and more mainstream. We now see children in primary school learning coding. For those of us who experience #FOMO, you wouldn’t want to waste your time and energy learning an outdated or unused programming language. 

On top of that, the demand for professionals fluent in programming languages is increasing with the creation of the new metaverse. Are you looking to find out which programming languages will be worth learning? Don’t fret, as a tech recruitment agency, we’ve rounded up some information for you!


You’ve probably heard or seen Python being touted on a number of tech job listings. Python is one of the easier to learn computing languages. And it is a programming language that’s relatively easy for one to pick up and study on your own. In addition, Python is popular as it is a free, open source language.

As such, Python is often used by both beginners and experienced programmers alike. It is also one of the more common programming languages learned as Python can be used for machine learning, data sciences, as well as deep sciences to name a few. One reason why Python is gaining popularity quickly is due to the high annual pay most Python developers receive.

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JavaScript is another popular programming language used all across the world. JavaScript is often used to create interactive websites and applications. JavaScript is allegedly the most used programming language in the world.

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Not to be confused with JavaScript, Java is another popular programming language. However, there is a stark difference between Java and JavaScript. Unlike JavaScript, Java is most often used for back end programming. But this programming language can still be found in both mobile and web applications as well as some games.

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Some elitists may not consider C and C++ to be proper programming however. Languages like C and C++ are often referred to as ‘low level programming’ languages. But both these languages have a lot more than meets the eye. C and C++ are languages used to create a wide variety of applications and platforms. To date, they’ve been used to create a wide variety of applications, games, and even hardware.

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Structured Query Language A.K.A. SQL is a standardized programming language that is used to communicate with a database. It is also considered to be a popular programming language as SQL is the standard language often used for relational database management systems.

For those of you who are confused, a relational database management system is a program that allows you to create, update and administer data in relation to another piece of data. So websites may use SQL for backend data storage, for example. 

What’s great about SQL, is that it is used by a large group of people in jobs such as Data Scientist, SEO Analyst, Software Engineer, and Business Analyst to name a few. There’s quite a lot to learn about when it comes to SQL and its wide variety of uses.

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HTML A.K.A Hyper Text Markup Language is a programming language used to “clean up” display text and content on the internet. This is a language often used to make text and content on a website more presentable or aesthetically pleasing. 

HTML is often used hand in hand with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The latter controls the colour, font and position of elements on a page. As HTML and CSS are relatively easy to use, these programming languages are used by creatives within the digital-sphere (e.g. Content Editor and Web Developer to name a few).

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C# (C Sharp) 

C#, pronounced C sharp is an object-oriented programming language used to write software programs. As C# is an open source language often used to create projects (e.g. web and mobile applications to name a few) on Github. Some advantages of C# includes the ability to save time with program writing. In addition, C Sharp is an easy to learn language with a low learning curve.

When it comes to employability, there is the potential for individuals learning C# to earn quite a bit of money. This is because C# is filled with plenty of career opportunities as more websites are slowly being built on the ASP.NET framework.

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Unless you’re well acquainted with the tech industry and computer programming. You may not have heard of the programming language, Ruby. Ruby is an object oriented programming language often used due to its ease and usability. Another unique selling point about Ruby is that the code can be reused to make programming a quicker process.

Allegedly, many developers have a hard time deciding between learning Ruby or Python. Some find Ruby difficult to debug in the long run. Others find Python easy to pick up initially but more stifling in the long run. It is up to you to decide which of these languages you’d be interested in learning for the rest of your working life. 

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Developed in 2007 by Google. Go (A.K.A. Golang) is a programming language often used to create large scale APIs and web applications. The language gained popularity after being adopted by many IT companies such as Google, Uber, Twitch and Dropbox.

Some benefits of Go include its easy to learn and minimalist format. However, the downsides of Go range from the lack of library support. Additionally, Go is not as popular as Python, so finding a community for Go support might be a little hard.

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