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The Best Full Time Jobs for your Enneagram Type in Singapore


Like all personality tests, the Enneagram type test is a great way to figure out full time jobs that can be suitable for your personality.

If you’re a fresh graduate looking for the ideal full time job in Singapore, Identifying your Enneagram type can help you narrow your ideal jobs down. Unsure what your Enneagram type is? You can take the test here or check out our previous article on the nine different Enneagram types in Singapore for more information!

Ready? Let’s go! 

Type One: The Reformer


Individuals with this Enneagram type often feel as though they have a mission to complete on this planet. Type Ones are drawn to full time professions that strongly involve their sense of personal ethics, mission, and purpose. Some ideal industries and careers for people with this personality type include: 

  • The Finance Industry: Type Ones often excel in banking, fintech, and other positions within the finance sector. Anything that requires careful attention to detail is a job that Type One individuals can excel in.

  • Administrative Positions: Type One can apply their detail-oriented outlook to admin related positions. Other jobs within this field that the Type Ones can excel in include administrative support and executive assistance.

  • Tax Professionals: Since Type Ones are perfectionists by nature, they make wonderful accountants and auditors. These are individuals who can work carefully and adhere to the required standards.

  • IT Quality Control: For those unaware, this is a role that requires numerous testing phases to uncover potential defects. 

  • UX/UI Designer: Despite being a creative role, this is one that requires great attention to detail. Additionally, there is a lot of testing that needs to be done. Learn more about the role of UX and UI Designers in 2023 here

Type Two: The Helper 


Type Two individuals might gravitate more towards people and service-oriented professions. Some ideal industries and full time jobs for people with this personality type include: 

  • Healthcare Industry: Type Twos can succeed in front line positions such as nurses, occupational therapists, and doctors. These careers allow Types Twos to give their personal touch and warm care to their patients.

  • Education Positions: If you’re a Type Two, roles such as special education teachers, school teachers, childcare workers, career counsellor.

  • Hospitality and Retail: The food and retail industry in Singapore requires individuals who can provide direct support and service to others. Twos can excel in this role.

  • Customer Service: This role allows Twos to engage with customers directly. Since this is a personality that enjoys keeping customers happy, customer service is something Twos can excel in. 

Type Three: The Achiever  


Type Threes are drawn to jobs that are goal-oriented and visible. They are drawn to full time job positions where they can climb up the career ladder. Some ideal industries and careers for people with this personality type include: 

  • Business and Marketing: Positions in business and marketing allows Type Threes to perform and sell. Skills which Threes are gifted with. In addition, business-focused environments give Type Threes a structure to achieve successful work. 

  • HR Professionals: Many Threes end up combining their people skills and business acumen to support others in the HR department.

  • Recruiter: Type Threes enjoy high profile jobs that support others. Threes enjoy meeting measurable goals (KPIs) while helping others at the same time.

Type Four: The Creative 


Type Fours can often be found in creative positions that allow them to express themselves. However, Fours require flexibility to allow them to experiment and work on their own timeline. Some ideal industries and full time & contract jobs in Singapore for people with this personality type include: 

  • UX/UI Designer: As creative individuals, Fours can excel in website-related designs. UI designers also use photo-editing software as well as coding languages such as JavaScript and HTML5.

  • Writing and Editing: Fours have a knack for both creative and intellectual pursuits. This is why Type Fours can excel in positions such as copywriting, UX writing, researcher and journalism to name a few.

  • Tech Recruiter: This is another position that combines both creative and intellectual pursuits. Additionally, individuals with this personality type excel in positions that require a lot of communicating. As long as they have space to experiment and be creative within a corporate role, a Type Four can excel in it.

  • Humanitarian and Activist Roles: Fours have strong feelings and a passion for social justice and activist causes. They can be seen working in various roles within this industry. 

Type Five: The Investigator  


Type Fives enjoy full time job professions that allow them to use their strong analytical and information skills to provide knowledge. Some ideal industries and careers for people with this personality type in Singapore include: 

  • Computer Programmer: This is a role that allows the Type Five to solve problems and find creative solutions to problems. Additionally, Type Fives are great at troubleshooting and finding hidden problems and bugs. These are traits that allow them to excel as a computer programmer.

  • Software Engineer: Behind every computer program is the hard work and labour of a software engineer. Software engineering is a role that allows Type Fives to create, program, analyze and test new software. In addition, software engineering is a great option for Type Fives who prefer to work alone with little social interaction.

  • Financial Analyst: Type Fives are known for their patience and ability to digest large amounts of knowledge. This makes them excellent when it comes to data and financial analysis. The role of a financial analyst is to provide guidance to businesses and individuals making decisions related to investments. 

Type Six: The Loyalist


Type Six usually do well in positions that are secure and have a defined structure. Some ideal industries and full time careers for people with this personality type include: 

  • Finance Positions: Type Six make great bankers, actuaries, and financial managers. They enjoy providing guidance and a structured approach to people who they can trust.

  • Government Related Roles: Positions in the government sector provide the Type Six individuals with a certain level of job security. In addition, these roles often have lower levels of risk. 

  • Quality Assurance Technician: In this role, technicians will be asked to develop plans and procedures as well as examine products, materials and services. All this is done to ensure that both the customer and company compliance are being met. 

Type Seven: The Enthusiast 


Type Sevens are individuals who enjoy jobs that allow them to be flexible and spontaneous. Additionally, they excel in full time and temporary contract positions that allow them to generate endless possibilities for the job. Some ideal industries and careers for people with this personality type include: 

  • Generalist Professionals: Type Sevens enjoy roles that allow them to wear many hats. They want to accomplish many things at once. Which is why they’re suited for generalist positions.

  • Sales Representatives: This is a role that requires good social skills. Additionally, Sevens can use their talents in generating ideas and entertaining others to sell any product or services. 

Type Eight: The Challenger


Type Eights are mostly drawn to leadership based positions. Some ideal industries and careers for people with this personality type include: 

  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO): The role of a CTO is similar to that of a CIO (Chief Information Officer). This is the highest tech executive position in a company. The role of a CTO is to develop the company’s strategy on how to utilise tech resources. Of course, this is a managerial position that appeals to Type Eights.

  • Tech Positions: Type Eights enjoy roles with a lot of growth. The tech industry is one that requires constant upskilling and has a great career ladder for Type Eights.

  • Leadership Positions: Eights have a high sense of confidence. In addition to their natural ability to lead, Eights also excel in positions that require a lot of coaching. 

Type Nine: The Peacemaker  


Type Nines are individuals who succeed in long-range and strategic work. Nines enjoy creating changes in a slow and careful manner. Some ideal industries and full time jobs for people with this personality type may include: 

  • Finance Positions: Many Nines can be spotted in various banking and other finance-related positions. Any jobs that require a lot of ruminating and making careful and important decisions are ideal for the Type Nine.

  • HR Professionals: As peacemakers, Type Nines like to ensure that conflicts are resolved and that harmony is maintained. This makes them great HR executives who are often required to mediate disputes within the company.

  • Creative and Technical Professions: Some Nines are creatively inclined. Some creative professions that Type Nines can excel in include web and graphic design. As well as app development.