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BGC Group is an all-in-one career platform where aspiring individuals over Asia can land rewarding careers in companies that drive industries. Work with one of the best career recruitment agency that takes you to the top!

Part Time Jobs | Short Term | Contract | Holiday Jobs

With so many job opportunities out there today, there is no better time to explore the possibilities, try new things, and get into something that tickles your work bone. Whether you are taking the first step or taking a step back, BGC Group got you covered.

Test the job waters with Temporary and Part-Time positions or jump right in and learn the ropes with Junior and Entry Level positions. It doesn’t matter if you are crazy in the office or like to play the field, there is something for absolutely everyone.

Enjoy the ride and find an adventure!

Executive Search | Managerial | Senior | Professional Level Jobs

In this day and age, the workforce competition is fierce and the stakes are higher than ever. With new industries constantly on the rise and talent propping up in every single direction, you have no more time to waste. After years of dedication and working your way up to where you are now, the time will come for you to decide what follows. No one wants to stay stuck in the middle.

Put talent, knowledge, and energy to the ultimate test and join the major leagues. Take the next big step in your career. Be bold and explore your career path with BGC Search.

HR Outsourcing | Manpower Outsourcing | Payroll Outsourcing

Waste no more time and worry no more on cumbersome and mundane HR tasks. Our Manpower Outsourcing services offers an extensive package that covers staff hiring, labour management relations, personality profiling and so much more. We take care of managing outsourced staff from end-to-end, so you can simply focus on meeting your business goals.

With the BGC’s enhanced payroll management system, you can eliminate stagnancy and ensure accurate execution of otherwise error-prone HR tasks to keep your employees happy by managing payroll efficiently.

Focus on what really matters to your company and BGC Group and BGC Search can take care of the rest.

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As the trusted and top specialist talent pool with presence in the APAC region, BGC Group gives you the advantage of accessible service and more strategic placements throughout the region.
Professional Consultants

We have a team of trained and qualified consultants to help you with all your recruitment concerns. Great at anticipating your business needs, we take action fast to deliver and fulfil these needs.

With BGC, Do Business Efficiently

By engaging our efficient services to fill you urgent positions, or attend to your enquiries immediately, you will achieve your business goals consistently and with ease.

We Partner with Myriad Industries

BGC is well-rounded from the banking & finance, front-line, healthcare, retail industry to Government. Outsource your talents from us and we take care of compliance with employment rules and regulations.

Knowledge of the Market

We have our claw on the pulse of our specialist markets and network of available talents. We know their career expectations, available skill-sets and intensive compensation package that attracts them. We will act as allies and collaborators, and be your eyes and ears in the market.