Top 5 challenges in global payroll management

Managing payroll on a global scale presents a myriad of challenges for businesses operating across borders. From navigating complex compliance regulations to ensuring data security and integrating diverse systems, global payroll management requires careful attention to detail and strategic planning. Let’s explore the top five challenges faced by organizations in global payroll management and discuss […]

A Guide to Employment Laws in Singapore

Singapore’s employment laws are mainly covered by the Employment Act, labor laws, and the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act. These laws provide guidelines for hiring employees in Singapore, ensuring fairness and equity in the employer and employee relationship. However, navigating Singapore’s employment laws can be daunting for foreign companies seeking expansion in the country. With […]

8 benefits of streamlining your global payroll system

A well-managed global payroll system can greatly enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of an organization. Payroll systems within companies are designed to manage the payroll processing of their employees. It encompasses a wide range of processes such as wage calculation, tax deductions, adding benefits, and directing timely paychecks to workers. Streamlining your global payroll system […]

What is a Foreign Subsidiary? When do you need one?

Planning to expand globally but unsure whether to open a foreign branch or set up a foreign subsidiary? That’s a common dilemma businesses usually face when weighing expansion options overseas. However, setting up a foreign subsidiary is usually a safer option and this article tells you why. Let’s explore all aspects of this business strategy […]

Employee Onboarding Guide in Singapore – New Hire Checklist

Welcome to the employee onboarding guide for new hires in Singapore! This guide has been created to assist employers in efficiently and effectively onboarding new personnel within Singapore. It will be particularly handy for those employing staff in Singapore outside their country of residence and will also show them how a reliable Employer of Record […]

What are the labor laws in Thailand

Every country has a set of regulations governing and protecting worker’s rights. These labor laws apply both to domestic companies, as well as international companies hiring workers from the country. Compliance and keeping track of the labor laws in Thailand can be challenging. This is where EOR services for Thailand come in. An EOR in […]

Employers Guide to Work Permit in Hong Kong

The opportunity to work in a new country is exciting, both on a personal and professional level. As Hong Kong becomes a hub for the ever-expanding corporate world, there is an increase in the number of companies that wish to set base in Hong Kong. Migrants who wish to live in Hong Kong to pursue […]

Employers Guide To International Employment Contract

Are you planning to expand your team across borders? Navigating international employment contracts is an essential aspect of global expansion. In this comprehensive guide, we discuss everything from essential elements of employment contracts to compliance. Of course, having a reliable Employer of Record (EOR) service provider by your side can streamline this entire process. Before […]

How to Hire Employees in Australia: A Guide for Employers

Over the years, Australia has become an attractive destination for finding highly skilled talent, thanks to its excellent tech and services sector and high living standards. However, hiring employees in this country involves a large amount of logistics, legwork, and paperwork. If you want to sidestep all this hassle, then partnering with a reliable employer […]

Are Benefits Available for Part-Time Employees?

Workplace flexibility is a big deal in today’s job market. People want the freedom to work when and where it suits them, rather than being tied down to rigid schedules or a specific location. It’s about finding a balance between work and life, not just focusing on how much money you make or what the […]