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Delivering the value of BGC’s candidate pipeline & HR advisory to fulfil high-demand IT services.

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Business Issue:

Our Client needed a continuous flow of new talent to support its fast-growing move in digitalization. As growth of the digital economy is a key driver of Singapore’s economy, Client requires supply of selected IT manpower with requisite qualifications to deliver IT services based on project basis.

Based on the knowledge on current competitive market with “hard-to-find IT candidates with the right skills”, Client needed an experienced partner with extensive market presence and industry expertise to create a pool of qualified talent to fill in the high demand IT roles to provide IT services on an ongoing basis. Aside from recruitment, HR advisory in the management of foreign talents is another crucial aspect for this project.


Solution: Consistency holds the key to the supply of IT talents

With a need for end-to-end services from sourcing, interviewing, hiring, onboarding till offboarding, our client outsourced its entire HR and Payroll management process to us. We deployed a dedicated Recruiting team and Marketing team to truly understand our client’s needs, their current projects, culture, and their hiring requirements.

We utilized multiple candidate attraction tools and made awareness of available job opportunities through strategic marketing and partnership with government career bodies and university campuses, that includes job fairs, direct outreach, and digital advertising. With the programs running, we created a pipeline of qualified candidates, anticipating additional needs that could arise.

We also provide our expertise in Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (EFMA) when hiring foreign IT talents as to ensure that foreign IT employee are in full compliance at all times with all immigration and employment procedures and laws applicable to foreign IT employees in order for any IT employee to legally work for our client in Singapore.



The client has achieved the following results:

·       6 weeks on average saved on time to hire

·       90% success rate in foreign work pass approval

·       Constant pipeline of qualified candidates for additional needs that could arise

·       Save time in re-engagement of existing employees to be transited to us