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Proven value of BGC’s HR Laws Advisory from our partnership in serving Government Agencies

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Business Issue:

Contingent workforce management consume time and energy, especially for human resources (HR) department in government sector who have robust hiring needs. One way to regain bandwidth for the team while also giving them new data for improved workforce planning is to engage a Master Contractor — one that offers full administrative, HR laws advice and systems support.


BGC has been providing end-to-end recruitment services, human resource services, and remuneration administration for Temporary/Contract Employee to Government Agencies since 2012.

Our key value in HR Laws advisory has become the assurance engagement factor to the government agencies. Our HR experts are well trained with knowledge on the Employment Act to provide professional advice to our clients on the need to be complying when providing benefits and at the same time, to resolve any disputes or queries by the employees, if any.

Our Team is proficient in interpreting and applying the requirements of: –

  • Employment Act (EA)
  • Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (EFMA)
  • Fair Consideration Framework
  • Central Provident Fund Act
  • Work Injury Compensation (WIC) Act
  • Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP)

Example of HR cases we provide our HR Laws advisory are:

  • Employee Compensation
  • Employee Leave Policies
  • Termination
  • Theft / Documents fraud case
  • Workplace harassment case / Death case


  • Remain as the long-serving agency for the Government Agencies.
  • 86% agree that BGC is knowledgeable and provides the necessary advice related to contingent labour and outsourced Human Resources.
  • 89% in overall positive satisfaction in service feedbacks.