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How we help our Client to get their operations quality back on track with our HR knowledge expertise and HR Tech.

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Business Issue:

As Singapore is taking the surge in Covid-19 cases in 2021, our client is facing an overwhelmed in managing the HR matters of the increasing workforce in delivering swab demands. They had then looked to contractual staffing as a strategy for building workforce flexibility to meet the changing needs in the pandemic.

This realignment has led the client to seek a manpower outsourcing provider that could scale and partner with them to effectively transition their current pool of 800 employees to contract terms employees and to manage the full HR life cycle from onboarding till offboarding for the increasing volume of workforce.

One of the prominent challenges faced during the transition period was to sync our in-house Leave Management system with client’s existing deployment system to avoid manual tracking of leaves communication between the administration team and the operational team.


Solution: Tailored teams to advise and customize HR Tech solution to fit in with Client’s Operations

To jumpstart the relationship, we constructed tailored teams with specific expertise to interact with client teams at all levels to plan to tackle each of the client’s challenges. Together we reviewed the transition plan from angles of (1) HR – To review their benefits offered based on Employment Act benchmark, (2) Recruitment – Fulfilment rates against market supply period and (3) Client’s Operations – To deploy a customized solution for client’s operational efficacy.

To resolve the challenge to sync leaves data between BGC’s system and client’s system, our Research and Development (R&D) team has entered to build an automated daily leave sync process. This customization development was completed within a week period and has received positive feedbacks from the client and employees who are using it.

In short, the transition was a success with completion of onboarding of all 800 employees within 3 working days and all the seen HR and Operations challenges were addressed by our tailored teams. Our client has also relied on us for advisory on HR laws in relation to benefits, termination and more throughout the project given the agile change in ramp up and ramp down of manpower requirements to meet the swab demands. Our consultative approach has evolved performance and exceed expectations.


The Project team delivers a wide range of qualitative and quantitative successes to this project. Select results include:

·       More time – Client can focus and improve their day-to-day swab operations as we have taken all responsibilities for HR and Payroll for the employees.

·       More assurance – We have efficiently handled variation required in workforce and provide prompt support to employees’ queries during high-volume windows.

·       We have onboarded 800 employees within 3 working days.

·       Customized HR Tech solutions are built to fit in with Client’s operations:

ü  Daily leave sync solution to meet Client’s deployment needs.

ü  Tool and process to import client’s system generated attendance report for payroll purposes.

ü  Tool and process for employees to submit 7 Client’s declaration forms during onboarding.

ü  Vaccination Status tool to track their updated vaccinated status in line with measures relating to impact to physical workplace regulations.

ü  ART results reporting tool to capture the records of testing results to determine if they are fit to return to work.